Clan Structure

The structure of the Clan is based upon that of 16th century Japanese clans. There are three levels in the structure: the Daimyo, the Bugyo and the Membership. These are much-shortened descriptions taken from Clan by-laws. The Bugyo is the ruling council of the Clan. Its members are appointed by the Clan Master for an appointed term. The Bugyo consists of six members: the Hatamoto, the Karo, the Juro, the Shokunin, the O-Dai, and the Shonagon.

Sir Ogami Akira
The Daimyo serves as a figurehead and a unifying symbol. He has the power to hire and fire members of the Bugyo. He may veto its ideas and may suggest actions or projects, but he may not unilaterally direct them. He is responsible for the major decisions and affiliations that affect the Clan externally, although he is required to consult the Bugyo before committing the Clan to any major position or action.

Cecily of Whitehaven
The Hatamoto organizes projects, keeps track of membership, must anticipate and solve problems, resolve disputes, plans and runs the War encampment, advises the Clan Master, keeps track of Clan property, and directs the daily operations of Clan.

Sir Christopher Rawlins
The Juro is responsible for directing the Clan’s fighters, for instructing them in the techniques of Japanese warfare and for getting them where they need to be when they need to be there. He leads the Clan fighters when the Clan Master is not present.

Michael the Tinker

The Daiko oversees Clan construction and repair/maintenance projects in their planning, execution, and funding. For example, the Gift Shop.

Bridget the Tinker’s Wife

The Shonagon is responsible for helping to maintain the wa inside of Clan. As an advisor (and part-time executioner) to the Daimyo and Bugyo, the Shonagon anticipates and sublimates potential harmony disruption.

Kusunoki Fumio Bun-ami AKA Master Morien ap Rhys
The Shokunin is responsible for the “stage dressing” of Clan functions, for researching and designing how to make things look good. The Shokunin also is responsible for advising everyone on correct procedures and etiquette for Clan functions. The Shokunin organizes and directs projects which affect how the Clan is perceived.

Jorunn MacDonald of Clanrandal
The Karo is the chief personal retainer to the Clan Master. The Karo must act as social secretary to the Clan Master, keep an appointment book, greet visitors to the Clan encampment, stand in for him when he has a scheduling conflict, and direct the personal retainers. In addition, the Karo also must try to make sure that the Clan Master eats, sleeps and presents a proper appearance.