Raimei Tenkai Daiko

The Yama Kaminari Taiko Group
Now available from Raimei Tenkai Daiko -- Clan Yama Kaminari's taiko drum ensemble -- "Thunder Under Heaven": An exquisite compilation of original taiko drum music, "Thunder Under Heaven" features over thirty minutes of complex rhythms, intricate percussive interplay, and innovative composition.
The Drummers
Stephen Church
Amy Kauderer
Jill Lapham
Amy Miller

Larry Shields

Rebecca Stear
Ray Strobel
Lynne Wallace-Lee
Practice Music
X BookNo6

X Hachidan

X Chuuihou

X JFolk9

X CR Vigil

X Sanmyaku Daiko

Note: To hear this music, please download the free Finale Notepad music program or Click on the X beside the music.
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